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OKTÁV Further Educational Centre has been offering educational courses for 40 years. Our activities presently include vocational and further adult educational courses for individuals, companies and institutions as well as running an exam centre, a non-profit organisation and a vocational training school. OKTÁV is one of the oldest and biggest institution on its area.

The headquarters are in Esztergom - at 50 km from Budapest. This is where you can find our main campus, where most of our staff works and a large number of well equipped classrooms, computer rooms and vocational training workshops are awaiting the learners. We also have sites, offices and representatives all over the country - in Budapest, at Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya, Győr, Szombathely, Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen and Miskolc. On demand, courses are organised at any part of the country.


In Hungary there is a National List of Vocational Qualifications that specifies which professions are recognised by the state. It is called OKJ. We offer more than 100 different types of OKJ courses leading to state approved exams and vocational qualification.

About 90 % of our courses are OKJ courses. The profile covers the following areas: health care, social and pedagogical courses, construction industry, commerce, logistics and marketing, industrial safety and fire protection, quality assurance, economy and finances, industrial and technological courses, IT, human resource management, courses on art, culture and communication, as well as language courses, management training and skills development trainings for companies. Last year we launched hundreds of courses with thousands of enrolling participants. More than 6.000 people having developed new vocational personal and social skolls and competences passed the vocationak exams and acquired qualifications training certificates.

Exam Centre

The centre is entitled to organise state approved vocational qualifying exams for over 100 professions. It ensures the permanent exams rights and the exam administration for the educational centre and it also offers exam services for other educational organisations with no right to organise state approved vocational qualifying exams.

Nonprofit organisation

It offers supported courses and specified development programs for handicapped and underprivileged groups of people. It also maintains and supervises the OKTÁV Vocational School.

Vocational School

This private school offers evening and daylight vocational training classes in Esztergom and Budapest as part of the Hungarian scholar system. The enrolling students must have passed A level/maturity exam. They attend this school to get a vocational qualification in 1 or 2 years. Most popular professions are beautician, medical masseur, IT professions, logistic, marketing, protocol and travel clerks. In the school we have 400-450 students a year.

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2509 Esztergom-kertváros, Wesselényi street. 35-39. Hungary; Tel.: +36-33-435-755 Fax: +36-33-435-664
Registration number: 11-0019-04 és Accreditation number: AL - 0048
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